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Tigers are strikingly beautiful wild cats and are known in eight different subspecies. The tiger's body is strong and muscular, and is built in such a way as to aid in its hunting techniques. Like all animals belonging to the family of cats, tigers have sharp retractile claws. These claws serve a perfect adaptation for hunting. The tiger's large and powerful jaw is known for its deadly bite.

Tigers are distinguished from the other cats by their ability to roar. Their size differs for each subspecies. The average length of the tiger's body is from 47 to 114 inches. Add about 21-47 inches to compensate for the length of the animal's tail. Tigers stand 48 inches at the shoulder, and usually weigh from 300 to 600 pounds.

Tigers have beautiful coats of a rusty orange to yellow orange color. The underbody is creamy to white. There are large vertical stripes of black on the tiger's body. Tigers can be of the white color, and they can have stripes, or be completely white.

Tigers normally have amber yellow eyes with round pupils. The white bengal tiger has blue eyes. Their eyesight is very sharp, and they can see about 6 times better than a man. Tigers have small rounded ears. These cats have an excellent sense of hearing.

Tigers - Photos - Geographic Range

Tigers used to inhabit a huge territory all over Asia from Turkey eastward. Nowadays, the populations of tigers are not dense. They range over Southeast Asia. Tigers tend to live in areas close to water. They are found in savannas, mangrove, and coniferous and tropical rainforests. India, Manchuria, China and Indonesia are the countries in which tigers are found nowadays.

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A siberian tiger pic of babies is usually a photo taken in a zoo.

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